The Japanese and Japanese Americans have a distinct history in Colorado that began around 1886. It is a history filled with promise, struggle, endurance, discrimination and perseverance, all of which contribute to the Colorado we know today.

The Mission of JARCC is to be a vibrant resource, preserving, educating and communicating the evolving Japanese American experience in Colorado - Keeping Heritage & Culture Alive.

JARCC's Vision includes the following:
  ➜ The Japanese and Japanese American Story:
          ◆ Preserve and communicate the ongoing Japanese American story and its history highlighting its impact on the growth of Colorado.
          ◆ Collect Japanese American historical resources and make them accessible to the membership and the public.
  ➜ Community service:
          ◆ Host and support inclusive events, seminars and activities which focus on service, education, and understanding of all communities.
  ➜ Collaboration
          ◆ Collaborate and connect with other organizations and groups to promote the mission and vision of JARCC.
Promote understanding and education of diverse local cultures.
  ➜ Nurturing
Increase equitable participation and membership in JARCC.
          ◆ Organize and offer JARCC activities that are relevant to future generations.
  ➜ Tradition
          ◆ Communicate and keep members, organizations and the public informed of JARCC's philosophy, efforts and activities.
          ◆ Maintain JARCC as a financially viable 501(c)(3) organization, seeking to increase its community impact by working toward accomplishing its mission and vision.

In addition to monetary donations, JARCC needs volunteers. Consider:
  ✔ Assistance in conducting, recording,, and documenting interviews of persons with first-hand experiences.
  ✔ Technical assistance related to video documentation and storage, digitization, and website expansion.
  ✔ Planning and conducting cultural, educational, and fundraising events.
  ✔ Determining the direction of JARCC by joining the JARCC Executive or Advisory Board.
  ✔ Networking with Community Leaders in other organizations.

Volunteer Application

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