The Japanese American Resource Center of Colorado (JARCC), along with the original donor Mrs. Hiroko Tsubokawa Hansen, are very excited to announce that numerous original copies of the Rocky Mountain JIHO were recently donated to the permanent collection of History Colorado.

When it became apparent that JARCC would not be capable of storing and digitizing the newspapers for future access and after consultation with Mrs. Hansen, the JARCC Board voted to donate all copies to History Colorado where they will be stored appropriately. All donated issues will be recorded via microfilm and are available to view at the Stephan H. Hart Research Center at History Colorado.

Pictured: Hiroko Hansen and original newspaper plates and typesetter used to print the weekly Rocky Mountain JIHO

The donated JIHO copies cover a span from1959 when the paper was first created to its first issue in 1962. The Rocky Mountain JIHO was owned and operated through 1979 by Mr. and Mrs.Toshio Tsubokawa and reached hundreds of subscribers in Colorado, Nebraska and New Mexico. The entire family was involved in the weekly publication from Sadako Tsubokawa, Hiroko’s mother, who handled the advertisements of local businesses to Hiroko and sister Matoko, who helped their father with the weekly printing and distribution by traveling to different states to deliver copies to subscribers. Fumie Ogawa, one of the original typists, was responsible for the written articles typed in Japanese characters which was then transferred to Roy and Sumi Takeno, who were responsible for the English translation of the articles. Denver resident, Kimiko Side, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday, was also one of the first typists contributing to the JIHO publications.

Pictured: Hiroko Hansen and Jan Ogawa holding a Japanese to English printing plate of the Rocky Mountain JIHO
JARCC received even more good news from the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection, a service of the Colorado State Library which is digitizing all the microfilmed copies of this newspaper!  The collection will be freely available online at: in early 2023. Digitization will allow greater avenues for those researching the history of the Japanese American community in Colorado through this iconic local newspaper. The historical and social narratives, so important to our community, will now be available to all!
We are very pleased and honored to have worked with liaisons for both History Colorado and the Colorado Historic Newspapers. They have kindly included their email contacts for any questions or further inquiries. Our sincere thanks to both for their time and dedication to this donation!