We sustain our heritage and connection to the Japanese American experience by providing classes, film screenings, and art shows that allow for intergenerational understanding.



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Film Screenings


JARCC shares films related to the Japanese American experience and covering thought-provoking topics related to Japanese heritage and culture.


Upcoming Screenings: Coming in 2017

Past Showings:

  • Linsanity
  • Cats of Mirikitani
  • Zatoichi



Art Showings and Workshops


Learn about Japanese and Japanese American artistry through JARCC’s art workshops and gallery exhibitions.

  • Calligraphy Writing
  • Cats of Mirikitani
  • Japanese Craft Making (Sticky Note Pad)



Instructional Workshops


In correlation with JARCC’s mission to preserve culture and heritage, we provide resources for community members to learn about keeping stories and memories alive through captured moments.


Previous Workshops:

  • Writing and recording workshops with Traci Kato-Kiriyama
  • Photo Preservation



Cooking Demonstrations


We recognize the importance of food in every culture; it is an expression of identity and brings the community together.  JARCC looks forward to continuing to provide access to fun and informative cooking demonstrations.


Previous Workshops:

  • Japanese New Year Traditions


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