The Legacy Project will launch during 2021 and proposes to archive Japanese American organizations (Phase 1) and businesses (Phase 2) located within a 10 block area around Sakura Square from post-WW II to the present. 

PHASE 1:         Organizations:

Focus: Gather information of Japanese American organizations in the post-war Denver area. Information will include reasons for forming the group, significant events, and noteworthy contributions to the community.

PHASE 2:         Businesses: 

Focus: Update business operations that began in the lower downtown area surrounding Sakura Square, the hub of the Japanese American community, from 1952 to current times. The histories of past and present businesses will be documented.

JARCC is seeking volunteers for this project. Please sign up at  Check this website and the JARCC Newsletter for Legacy Project updates.

LINK: The Opening of Sakura Square article, Empire, May 1973

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